Today we would like to introduce you two fantastic artists from Egypt. Shereef and Ahmed Mahdy.

Shereef was graduated at faculty of Art in Cairo in 2001. At the beginning he participated as designer in some famous projects but from 2005 he started his personal creations.

Than he started work with his brother Ahmed Mahdy and than magic started.
This what we can say about them is embroidery, simplicity and harmony from the object which are renovated and repainted or finished by amazing touch of their hands. The French art “Trompe l’oleil” which they call “real imagination” ….
Ahmed and Shereef transfer their customers imagination to real paintings as you see in gallery below.
And imagination has no limits….
Lately the work team developed to reach finally the group of incredible creative artists who help both brothers with their work.
We are so happy that you can see what we see, that you can feel what we feel when we watch the process and final effect of “Trompe l’oleil”
Regards, Joanna