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Today I have the great pleasure to begin our new cycle about Egyptian artists who create amazing paintings, sculptures, furniture and designs in our country. As an interior designer myself, I’m honored to be your guide in the fascinating WORLD OF ART. I have spoken with each of the features artists and you can see examples of their wonderful creations below. Best of all, you can order them via us so don’t delay and get in touch to add some inspiration to your home or prestige to your office!


Amr Hosny
I am Amr Hosny an Egyptian Psychedelic artist, born on 31/10/1986, graduated from the faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Mechanical Power department. That makes the details and integrated elements very important in my art work and it became my identity.
Art is my interest since my childhood, I attended many exhibitions in Cairo opera House, Heliopolis art gallery and a lot of contemporary art spaces in down town Cairo.
Also represent Egypt in the last exhibition of Dubai art gallery.
One of my art pieces was sold in Europe, now I have my art work in Germany 2 art pieces, Spain 2 art pieces, USA 10 art pieces, Italy 5 art pieces, Lebanon 3 art pieces and in different countries (pictures of all are on my Facebook page: Amr Hosny.
This in addition to my work locally in Egypt in Streets, Hotels, Cafes and Houses, I used to work as a freelancer printing T-Shirts designs, making CD covers for underground bands and designing Jewelry. I prefer ink drawings with its inner details, but sometimes I go for madness and love of splashing and powerful color effects, I also use acrylic paints with its deeper feelings of emotions, and when I feel powerful enough to create a huge walls full of murals and ideas I go into sprays, acrylics, inks, stencils and free hand drawing inspiring the audience.
Art is life and every moment passes in my life I describe it by creating drawings reflecting the atmosphere surrounding me. This atmosphere composed of the ideas pass through my mind, places I visit and how I feel when I pass through some streets, and how my eyes see the architectural designs, also how it contains a different types of energies in it.

Amr Hosny
Mobile: +201022436837

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