Celebrities just sang Mohamed Mounir’s ‘3ali Sotak’ in sign language and it’s beautiful!

For the past few years, Egypt’s media has been flooding with campaigns to spread awareness about many chronic social and health conditions as breast cancer, autism, drug addiction, street children and many others. Today is just another lucky day when a new campaign is launched with a heartwarming message that sheds light on an issue that might go unnoticed.

Celebrities such as Dorra Zarrouk, Sherif Ramzy, Hisham Kharma and others have just come together in a music video, narrating the lyrics of Mohamed Mounir’s song ‘3ali Sootak‘ in sign language. It is beyond beautiful. The song is part of a project called ‘Pick A Street’ that tackles different social problems by bringing music back to the streets of Egypt. Pick A Street teamed up with وصلة خير Waslet Kheir this year to help children hear the world.

Three artists will perform in three different streets on the same day, and all you have to do is pick the street that will speak to you. You can donate whatever amount you wish for whatever cause you believe in. Talk about being proactive!

Check out the video here and see how amazing the humans of the world can be! <3

Written by Dina Hashish