Riding a scooter is really trendy nowadays and more people are discovering its benefits. Thanks to it, you can easily avoid the Egyptian traffic jams, forget about the problems with the lack of parking spaces and the scooter does not use a lot of gasoline.

For those living in Hurghada, one of the key needs is convenient way of transport and the best if you can afford for your own .Scooter is one of the best ideas when it comes to driving on the city . After buying an apartment in Hurghada decidedly you would like to visit El Gouna, Sahl Shasheesh or simply you would like to have shopping done quickly.

Unfortunately, buying a car in Egypt is quite an expensive investment – they are 200% more expensive than in Europe, and although here they do not require annual insurance , when it comes to get a license for the vehicle,it is totally related to the visa you have got , if you are not received visa for more then 6 months you may face problems with issuing licences for a longer period of time.
You also need to form your international driving licence and get an egyptian one that will be valid with it.

In the case of driving a scooter in Egypt you do not need any special documents. You must be at least eighteen and riding a scooter with capacity of 50cc engine does not require a driving license at all. The cost of registration of the scooter for one year is about 250 Egyptian pounds and 3 years costs about 650 egyptian pounds .Ownership can be done by showing your passport only .

Where to buy?

Scooters in Hurghada can be purchased at various locations. You can monitor the Egyptian portal OLX where used wheelers can be purchased from 6,000 egyptian pounds .New and used scooters can be bought from Sym Hurghada, David Cycle, Michael Honda

What brands are popular here ?

The most popular brand of scooters in Egypt are: Nitro, Zogmar, Sym, Orbit, Jet, Fiddle, Maxsym, Gts-Joymax, LM,


First of all, the scooter is designed for people who appreciate a sense of joy and comfort. Gridlocked at rush hour streets they are not terrible for someone who prefers to ride a scooter than a bus or car .Small scooter pass everywhere . The issue of parking also does not cause problems, and there are even those who park them … in the basement. In the parking the scooter also does not take a lot of space (and certainly less than the jaguar;). If you are staying in Egypt only a few times a year you can rent a scooter for two weeks or a few days. Company that rents scooters out is located in Sakkala

Perrys Scooters
Tel: 0100 1510495


It may happen that your driving on the Egyptian streets will end up catching rubber or empting the battery. But you do not need to be worried. Cost of pumping the wheel is about 10 Egyptian pounds, and repair of the battery reaches maximum of 300 pounds. We can recommend you our trusted mechanic – specialist motorcycles and scooters

Michael Honda 01283128998